Mathseeds School Edition

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Mathseeds in the Classroom

Engaging, easy-to-navigate lessons that pupils want to complete.

maths programme reception year 1 year 2
  • Child–friendly content that is fun, colourful and interactive, and directly aligns to the UK National Curriculum.
  • Systematic and explicit teaching of mathematical content, skills and strategies.
  • Challenges pupils to build their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Start the

maths activities reception year 1 year 2
  • Have your class take the Mathseeds placement test. This ensures that each pupil begins at the right level.

Connect with parents and guardians

maths apps for kids
  • Send home parent letters so that pupils can access the programme at home as well as at school. Pupils should complete three 15-minute Mathseeds sessions per week.


maths games reception year 1 year 2
  • Assign Mathseeds lessons that match the content you’re covering in class. Use lesson plans, worksheets and apps to reinforce and extend learning.

Assess and
review results

maths programme reception year 1 year 2
  • Assess pupils’ mastery with standards-based Driving Tests. Follow these up with multi-level printable topic tests. Review pupil progress using class charts and reports.