Mathseeds School Edition

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Mathseeds lessons—the core of the programme

Mathseeds lessons teach core skills with a motivating cycle of teaching and guided practice that actively rewards progress.

Mathseeds lessons begin with a focused, step-by-step demonstration of a core maths skill. Pupils apply each skill to a range of guided practice activities.

maths programme reception year 1 year 2
  • Engaging animated lessons require frequent pupil responses.
  • Immediate feedback ensures pupil success.
  • A range of supporting practice activities build deep conceptual knowledge.

Step-by-step demonstrations

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Highly effective lessons include explicit instruction, exploration and immediate feedback to engage active learners.

  • Funny, playful characters guide learners through the programme.
  • Complex skills are broken into smaller instructional units.
  • Guided practice encourages pupils to roll up their sleeves and succeed.

A wide range of practice activities

maths games reception year 1 year 2

Every lesson includes a wide range of short practice activities that reinforce skills through a variety of interesting formats.

  • Pupils build deeper knowledge and synthesise skills.
  • Short, brisk activities keep pupils engaged and on task.
  • Self-paced activities allow pupils to review, revise and practise skills.
  • Immediate affirmative and corrective feedback ensures pupil success.

Rewarding lessons that pupils really enjoy

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Multi-layered reward system motivates pupils to keep making progress.

  • Pupils earn golden acorn rewards for every activity they complete.
  • Lesson completion rewarded with the hatching of a new online pet.
  • Golden acorns can be traded for games, avatar items and treehouse decorations.
  • Lessons build on a logical progression of skills.

Pupils progress tracking

maths activities reception year 1 year 2

Sequential map-based format provides powerful visual proof of pupil progress.

    • The placement test places each pupil at the right level.
    • Cumulative assessment charted to standards.
    • Built-in assessment with end-of-map assessments and Driving Tests.
    • Every pupil makes progress.

Useful feedback

maths programme reception year 1 year 2

Lessons fully support pupils and provide teachers with useful feedback.

  • A powerful learning cycle of pupil-centric learning as well as guided and supported practice ensures pupil mastery.
  • Timely feedback and rewards help motivate learners and inform teachers.
  • Teacher dashboard reports data in a variety of useful, actionable formats.