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Maths Fact Fluency: Mathseeds Mental Minute

How does Mathseeds develop maths fact fluency?

Mental Minute is the powerful new tool to improve maths fact fluency in your R–3 classroom. Pupils will love the highly engaging format and sequenced progression, which will keep them focused and on task.

Research shows that maths fact fluency increases pupil confidence and learning outcomes in all areas of maths learning.

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Exciting format that is fun, quick and easy to play

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  • Each Mental Minute set takes one minute to complete.
  • Pupils will be motivated to earn the colourful badges as they build number fact fluency.
  • Each new set includes new questions while also revising previous facts.

Sequential progression covers all R–3 number facts

maths fact fluency for pupils
  • Mental Minute includes 145 carefully sequenced sprints.
  • All pupils start from the beginning to ensure complete fact mastery.
  • As pupils make progress, the question sets become more challenging.

Motivating format keeps pupils focused

maths fact fluency activities
  • With one-, two- and three-star levels to earn, all pupils are focused and challenged to improve their instant recall of essential maths facts.
  • Children are motivated to earn new badges and improve their scores.
  • Time spent in Mathseeds Mental Minute is focused time on task.

Pupils make real measurable progress

teaching maths fact fluency
  • Maths fact fluency is the bedrock of primary maths.
  • Improvements in this area flow through to all other maths lessons.
  • Pupils who know their number facts are more confident and engaged mathematicians.