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Mathseeds is an award‑winning early maths program designed to help build your students' confidence and enthusiasm for maths in the early years. The program is specifically created with young students in mind, featuring highly engaging maths lessons and activities that are sure to keep them entertained and on track with their learning!

Mathseeds Prime, the next chapter of ABC Mathseeds, is a dynamic and immersive maths program designed for students in years 3–6. Whether students have struggled with maths in the past or never found enjoyment in it, Mathseeds Prime is here to reshape their perception and inspire a higher level of maths mastery. With captivating lessons in a fantastic forest world, enchanting characters and collectible Seedbobs, Mathseeds Prime transforms the way older students engage with maths to unlock their true potential.

With Mathseeds, your students will develop an in‑depth understanding of foundational maths concepts in a fun and motivating way. The program is designed to keep students engaged through colourful animations, interactive activities, and exciting rewards.

Get ready to transform your R⁠–⁠3 maths classroom today! Try Mathseeds for yourself with a FREE 30‑day trial and see the difference it can make in your students' learning.

Why teachers love Mathseeds

  • Offers individualised student‑focused learning of core maths skills and encourages students to follow their own self‑paced learning path
  • Aligned to the National Curriculum and includes a Teacher Toolkit filled with useful resources like lesson plans and worksheets
  • Key maths concepts are learned in depth, improving long‑term retention
  • Placement test ensures students are working at exactly the right level
  • Automated grading and assessment provide instant feedback on student progress.

Why students love Mathseeds

  • Helps nurture a love of maths with fun and entertaining lessons that keep students engaged by requiring frequent responses and providing immediate feedback
  • Interactive lessons are easy to follow and match each student's individual ability
  • Instant reinforcement and exciting rewards build their confidence from the very start
  • Uses an intuitive, stepping‑stone format much like a board game, so children can always see their progress and feel motivated to move forward.

Finally, a maths program that is both kid‑friendly and academically sound. I've been searching for years and am happy to say that Mathseeds will be used by my kindergarteners daily–they love it and their teacher does too.

– Betsy M, Poage Elementary, KY

I love it and my students ask me to do Mathseeds every day. They say it is 'cool and the best maths games ever'.

– Kimberly H, Mulberry Elementary School, NC

I'm very happy with what I see. I like that Mathseeds follows the [national curriculum] and that it's very interactive. Kids love when it's their turn on Mathseeds.

– Deb F, Northwest Elementary, Lincoln, IL

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